Hi! I'm Theresa McSwain. I work with women, men and families who are confused about what to eat to feel their best. They feel frustrated and lost. I have been there myself. I have been sick with so many symptoms, wanting and needing for things to change, but not sure what to do to feel better.
Many of my clients have chronic illnesses and feel scared and confused about what to do with their diagnosis. A diagnosis or experiencing irritating symptoms does not have to define your life or who you are.

I am here to empower you to take control of your own health.
I have seen how the foods you eat effect your daily life. As a behavior therapist working with children in the classroom and in home programs, I saw that there was a connection between the food the kids ate and the way they were able to function daily. 

 I had an ah-ha moment.
I saw how the foods I ate affected my daily activities as well. It was not just the kids I was working with, food effects everyone. I could feel better by changing the foods I ate. My day would run more smoothly when I ate better. 

I realized food can change everything.
The reason I became a health coach is to teach you how to live and thrive, even with a diagnosis of an autoimmune disease, food sensitivities or another chronic condition. Today, I teach women, men and families how to have vibrant lives. I make it simple so you do not feel overwhelmed.  

I can help you to have more energy, better digestion and better sleep.
Life is too short to feel tired, worn out and frustrated.

Let’s get to work. You only deserve the best.

My programs are for individuals or your entire family
There are 3 simple ways to work with me:

1.   Single Session

This single one on one session is ideal for the person who needs a simple jumpstart. You might desire to lose a few pounds or have questions about making some simple changes in your daily life. This reboot session is a great way to get a jumpstart on clean eating and finding foods that nourish your body.  I can help you ditch the sugary processed foods that could be wreaking havoc on your body.

Included in this Single Session:

  • 50-minute session with Theresa
  • my Rejuvenation Program: This is ideas for anyone ready to say bye bye to sugar cravings and overwhelm. together we will boost your energy levels, and help you shed pounds naturally.     
  • A Food diary
  • A Mindset handout to keep you on track with your goals.
  • emails to hold you accountable

2.  30 Day Jumpstart

This 30-day jumpstart is ideal for anyone looking to ditch the processed foods, learn new habits to transform mind and body plus access to these life changing materials:

Included in this program:
2 50-minute sessions
2 15-minute check ins

  • A 5-day clean eating system, filled with recipes, a shopping list to make shopping easy as 1-2-3, clean eating tips, and a simple checklist to keep you on track.
  • recipes galore
  • monthly health tracker
  • simple food diary
  • tons of handouts to make changing your life easy as 1-2-3

3. 90 Days To be Simply Healthy:  

This 90-day program is for the person or family who desires long lasting changes. You or someone in your family have been chronically sick. You are frequently experiencing symptoms such as headaches, fatigue, skin issues, digestive distress. You are frustrated and need support. You know there is not a quick fix, which is why I designed this 90-day program to be the solution for you. I had every problem in the book and realized I needed to change my mindset, the food on plate and fix my digestion before I could get better. I can help you do the same.

During the 90 days, each month you get:

  • 2 - 50-minute sessions with Theresa
  • 2 - 15-minute check in sessions with Theresa

Month 1 :
  • Access to 5-day clean eating program
  • Food Diary
  • Kitchen Cleanse
  • Back to basics (probiotics, enzymes, skin brushing, oils)
  • Goal Setting
  • Mindset handout and affirmations
  • Understanding the elimination diet

Month 2:
  • Learn how to make yummy recipes
  • Batch cooking & Eating on the GO
  • Eat a better breakfast
  • Calming the reactive body
  • It's not just food – makeup, fragrances, etc

Month 3
  • Vision Board
  • Making the changes stick
  • Sustainability and how to cut foods costs and eat healthy
  • Understanding the big picture of how food affects chronic health issues
  • IIN circle of life

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