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"Three Strategies to Have More Energy
When You Are Pulled in So Many Directions"

May 1, at  7:00 (est)


We live in a hectic world surrounded by constant stimulation and toxins. We are bombarded daily by pollutants, pesticides, chemicals, preservatives, carcinogens, and radiation to name a few.

Your body’s reactions to all of these toxins, stimulation, and stressors can drain all of your energy.

We are left tired, anxious, stressed out, overweight, and suffering from chronic health problems.  

What can we do?

Many things are out of our control but we can control what we eat and what we do daily to deal with stressors in our life. A huge weight can be lifted off of your body by eating the right foods and calming your body’s reaction to stressors. Once this weight is lifted you can experience vibrant energy.

How often do you feel tired and drained? Are you exhausted before you even get out of bed in the morning? Do you wake up at 3 am, immediately start thinking about everything on your to do list, then you can’t go back to sleep?

Do you feel stressed and frazzled? Do you feel like you have too much on your to do list and are pulled in too many directions? Do you constantly feel rushed trying to get it all done and feel you never get a break?

Are you suffering from headaches, ichy skin, have loose stools or feel constipated, food sensitivities or seasonal allergies? You think some of the foods you are eating are causing some of these symptoms, but you are not sure what to do.

How often do you feel zapped by the middle of the afternoon, and find yourself reaching for more caffeine or a sugary treat just to make it through your day? Do you crave sugar?

Have you gained unwanted weight and frequently have a bloated belly?

What would life be like if you could eat your way into an epic and abundant life? What if you could have consistent energy throughout the day?  What if you could feel good in your body and have a happy vibrant mindset?

You can.

I am here to teach you how to let go of the foods that you may think are healthy but are actually harmful to your body, I can show you how to replace these foods with foods that nourish your body.  I will give you daily health care rituals that can lead to restorative sleep, and calm your overloaded body.  You can learn simple tips to have more energy throughout the day, experience weight loss, build a stronger immune system, and get glowing skin. In this free webinar you will learn simple tips to calm your overloaded body.   

Join me for a life changing webinar.
"Three Strategies to Have More Energy When You Are Pulled in So Many Directions"

on May 1 at 7:00
(There is no fee.)

When you sign up, I will be giving you (3) handouts to help you discover an energized life even before the webinar starts.

See you then.

 Love, Theresa

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