How Does Being Healthy Feel?

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How I Used to Feel
I used to struggle to make it through the day.  I had a really hard time getting out of bed. It was like I just couldn’t get my thoughts going and my body felt very heavy and slow.  My blood sugar was not balanced, and I had to eat at least every 2 hours or I felt like I was going to pass out. After I would eat my stomach would hurt and I would feel extra tired. But really I was just exhausted all day. I became stressed very easily.  If I forgot something from the store or got a flat tire the process to figure out how to fix that problem was exhausting.  I was red and itchy all over. I got headaches that lasted for days and Advil no longer worked to reduce the pain. Do you ever feel this way?
How I Feel Now
Now I usually wake up before my alarm goes off and get right out of bed ready to start my day.  My blood sugar is now under control, I can go for hours without needing food, and usually eat 3 meals a day and no snacks. I no longer have any pain from stomachaches or headaches! It also seems easier to find a solution when a problem occurs because my brain is much clearer and focused. My skin no longer has a red undertone and the itchiness is gone. The best difference between how I used to feel and now is how much energy I now have. I get tasks around the house, like laundry, done much more quickly because I have so much more energy.
How I Changed Things to Feel Better
I changed what I was eating and worked on healing my gut.  I figured out a healthy and clean diet that works with my body.  We will be sharing more details on this a little later.
How Should a Healthy Day Feel For Most People?
Everyone's version of a "healthy day" can feel a little different. But iIdeally when you are truly healthy, you should wake up in the morning with energy. This energy should last throughout the day. You then begin to wind down starting in the evening. You should sleep well, without waking up, unless you have a little person at home! You generally should not be in pain. Headaches happen sometimes, but it is not good if they are occurring too frequently. Your brain should be clear and focused and should easily solve small problems. Your blood sugar should be stable enough for you to go several hours without needing food.
I think a lot of us get so used to having symptoms that we don’t even realize how a healthy day can feel. These symptoms are your body telling you that something is out of balance.



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