Eating Healthy While on Vacation

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My trip to Lake Powell.
My family took a trip out to Lake Powell last summer.  We flew across county into Utah, rented a car and drove down to Arizona, and then stayed on a house boat for a week.  I have had to be very careful about the foods that I eat so I was a little nervous about such a long trip. 
I called TSA before the trip. (Make sure you call yourself before your trip in case any of the rules have changed.) You are allowed to take foods on the plane, as long as they are not too liquidy. They would not let me take almond butter. You can take a cooler on a plane, you just can’t take the ice through the security check point.  So I brought empty baggies. Once I got through security, I went to a restaurant and got ice to put in the baggies. 
Before leaving for the trip I looked into grocery stores in Utah.  Luckily there were several Whole Foods along our path from the airport to Lake Powell.
I also checked into the supplies that were available on the house boat before we left for the trip.  I needed to make sure I would have the proper pots and pans, etc to be able to cook on the boat.
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Vacationing when you have food allergies/sensitivities
It can be hard to figure out what to eat at home when you have food allergies/sensitivities.  So it can be even more difficult when you are in an unfamiliar location.  But with a little planning and preparation, you can have an enjoyable vacation, even if you have food allergies/sensitivities.
Do some research before your trip on where you are staying and local restaurants.
1. Look into the hotel, house, ect where you will be staying.Find one with a kitchen or at least a mini fridge.Find a spot that is close to a grocery store that you are familiar with and know.
2. Look into restaurants ahead of time.Look up the menu. Many restaurants now have allergy friendly menus posted online.
Organize your food ahead of time. 
1. Buy or make foods ahead of time to bring on the trip.Think about how many days you are going to be on vacation.
2. Make sure you have a quick snack on you, maybe a LARA bar or almonds. 


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