Is Coffee Healthy?

Is coffee healthy? Some people say yes and some say no.

There are many benefits to drinking coffee. It provides antioxidants and nutrients. Americans get more antioxidants from coffee than anything else.  It can even lower the risks of some types of cancer and type II diabetes.  The caffeine gives you energy and ups your production and just makes you feel happy.

Coffee can also be bad for you.  Non quality coffee beans can be full of toxins and pesticides.  The caffeine messes with your metabolism and cause a rush in blood sugar and then a crash.  It is not good to add a large amount of sugar and creamer to your coffee.  You also have to be careful with coffee if you are celiac or gluten sensitive. There could be cross contamination with coffee beans and grains.  

So do I drink coffee?  Yes.  I was actually intolerant to caffeine and could not drink it for a few years.  Now that I can have it again, I really appreciate a good cup in the morning.  But I would not drink just any cup of coffee.  I find quality beans, preferably organic.  I add gelatin (from grassfed cows) for protein. This added protein helps keep my blood sugar more stable.  I also add coconut oil and butter.  I know this sounds gross!  But it is actually really smooth and creamy.  Here is the recipe to just try it!

1 cup of coffee

1 tbsp gelatin (from grassfed cows)

1 tbsp coconut oil

1 tsp organic grassfed butter

¼ tsp vanilla

Mix all ingredients in blender.

Let us know if you like it!



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