Can Youn Retrain Your Tastebuds Not to Love Sugar?

Long ago the cavemen were naturally attracted to sweets like fruits and berries. When something tasted sweet it meant that it was safe to eat. So humans actually have it in them to be naturally attracted to sugar. 

Unfortunately now a days food companies have used this natural attraction to sugar to their advantage.  Sugar is in almost all processed foods.  People are literally addicted to sugar and many go into withdrawal when they don’t have their usual daily sugar amount. 

It is possible to retrain your taste buds and not desire sugar so much. It is probably easiest to slowly fade out the amount of sugar that you are consuming. The amount of sugar that you put in your morning coffee is a good example. Let’s say that you have been putting 2 tsp sugar in your coffee.  Make a plan to fade out the amount of sugar that you are adding to your coffee.  On Monday use 2 tsp, Tuesday use 1.75 tsp, Wed use 1.5 tsp, etc. Each day just use less and less sugar.  Try replacing artificial sugars for natural sugar like honey or coconut sugar. Or experiment with different flavors like vanilla or peppermint.

Fading out sugar and retraining your taste buds takes time. Eventually your taste buds get used to the reduced amount of sugar and it actually will not taste good to eat something with processed sugar or even high amounts of natural sugar. It becomes too sweet. 

If you are craving something sweet you can try and curb the craving by eating a piece of fruit.  Carrots and beets are sweeter veggies that can also curb a sweet craving.  They are good as a natural sweetener in a smoothie.  You can also get your taste buds excited about new spices as a replacement for the sweet taste.  Ginger, cumin, peppermint, and different mixtures of curry powder can get your taste buds excited. 

It does take some time, but you can retrain your taste buds  to like other spices and foods even more than sugar.  You will also just feel better eating less sugar.


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