Are GMO's bad?

What is a gmo?

GMO stands for genetically modified organism.  These are plants and animals that have had their DNA disrupted and altered. They are crossbred with other plants and animals viruses and bacteria. 

Why do some people/organizations say that gmo’s are good?

- Gmo crops are resistant to herbicides and pesticides and bugs.

- foods can be manipulated to add more nutrients

- increased production of food which can be given to people in 3rd world countries

Why are gmo’s bad?

- The FDA has not done testing on the safety of gmo’s. That means that they do not know what long term effects gmo’s could be having on our bodies.

- Gmo’s are not the same product.  Gmo corn is not the same makeup as non-gmo corn.  Your body likes real food and it knows that gmo’s are not something found in nature.   Therefore if you eat gmo’s, your body can look at gmo’s as toxins or an allergen, which leads to inflammation, which leads to sickness.  

- Gmo’s can lead to the creation of super weeds.  Which would then mean more pesticides.

What should we buy at the grocery story?

- Buy organic or foods with the “non-gmo project verified” label. 

- Stay away from processed foods, unless it it has 5 ingredients or less and you can pronounce all of the ingredients.  More than 80% of processed foods contain gmo’s.

- The 4 biggest gmo crops in the United States are corn, soy, canola, and cottonseed.  Try and avoid products with these ingredients, unless they have a label of organic or non-gmo.  If you are especially sensitive, keep in mind many items are made from corn such as vinegar.

- When buying fruits and veggies, read the code on the sticker.  Stay away from produce that has a 5 digit code beginning with #8. These are genetically modified.  A 5 digit code beginning with #9 has been organically grown. And a 4 digit code means the produce was conventionally grown and sprayed with pesticides. 

GMO’s in other countries

- Gmo’s have been determined unsafe and banned in more than 60 countries around the world.  Some of these countries include Australia, Japan, and those in the European Union. 

GMO labeling in the future

.  There are ongoing political battles concerning the future labeling of all foods that contain gmo’s Hopefully someday soon all food will have a label that is more transparent and lets us know exactly where that food originated.


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