How to Choose a Safe Deodorant

How to Choose a Safe Deodorant

Most of us appreciate when the people around us wear deodorant!  It is important to choose a deodorant with less toxic ingredients because products that you put on your skin are absorbed into your body.

Stay away from deodorant with:

Aluminum- linked to breast cancer and Alzheimer’s
Fragrances – can disrupt hormonal imbalance
Parabens – can disrupt hormonal balance
Petroleum based ingredients such as propylene glycol – can cause liver and heart damage
There are 3 choices when choosing a less toxic deodorant.

Choose a more natural ready-made deodorant
            - the Environmental Working Group’s skindeep website gives a rating on deodorants and other   beauty products – an 0-2 has the least amount of  toxins and would be a good product to purchase, and a 7-10 rating has lots          of toxins and should be avoided


Chose an even more natural ready-made deodorant with ingredients that are simple and familiar, such as coconut oil and baking soda
            - Primal Pit Paste is a good brand

            - there should be local vendors at the local farmers market (Atherton Mills

              has a good selection in Charlotte)

Make your own
- You can mix up your own deodorant using ingredient such as: cornstarch (non gmo), baking soda, coconut oil, arrowroot powder, essential oils

- You will need  to play with the mixture based on time of year and personal sensitivities – some people are more sensitive to baking soda

What do I do?

            I find it is super easy to make my own deodorant at home.  I mix about ¾ cup of coconut oil and ¼ cup baking soda.  Then I add a few drops of melaleuca (tea tree oil) and orange essential oils. I find this mixture works well for me even in the hot summer months in North Carolina


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